My Story

The Quick and Dirty

Sup, my name is Zea, the woman behind Millennial Maker. By day I work as an elementary school teacher; teaching over 340 students and more students to come next year! While I find my day job super rewarding, I started this blog to merge my passions of creative writing and crochet. I want to create a community of makers that support each other. I also want to share what I have learned throughout my ten years of crocheting and learn from others as well. 

More About Me Personally...

I am a twenty-something-year-old who is married to a big child that keeps me not only on my toes but also motivated.He is the best husband that anyone can ask for. He supports me through my toughest times: recently I have gone through kidney failure and a kidney transplant. I am very grateful for being alive and with this second chance I plant to seize the day as they say. (Sorry for the rhyme.) I hope you join in with me with seizing your dreams!