I Quit My Job | A Walk On The Wildside Day

I quit my job because I wanted to live! I got tired of companies getting richer off my labor, and dictating my schedule. I needed more out of life and I knew...

It’s April 12; which means its national Walk on the Wildside Day. It’s a day to celebrate and explore the “wildside to you”. On a deeper note it’s a day that enourgages you to find the inner strength inside you to try something you have always wanted to to do. And I’m all about this this message and had to participate in my first every Walk On The Wildside Day by doing something truly wild and reckless, but all with good reason.

I quit my job

You Know The Treasure Map…?

You know that treasure map they give to us as kids that says if you go to school, work hard, get good grades and repeat that all again throught out college, then follow your way to a great job (or just a job) and you will find your way to treasure. Well, I followed that same tresure map hoping to find the house, the money, and the overall traditional American dream.

But, every job I was in felt like a trap. Sure they start out with shiny promises of growth opprotunites, paying for your tution, 401k’s, and benefits. But soon things like workplace abuse, lack of compensation, and no growth opportunities, not to mention toxic work environments, began to encase my soul and rob me of the time and energy I needed to spend on things that actually made me happy. Soon I became deppressed. But still I kept working, and earned my degree; all in hopes of finding that promised treasure.

Things, started to look up when I began my job as a teacher. Here is a job that is actually doing for the good; Where I can help others. And I loved it. I loved teaching my students and their was always something new everyday. I found myself learning right along with them. In addition the enviorment wasn’t toxic and I wasn’t running male coworkers or customers saying demaning things or downright sexually abusing me.

Of course most good things come to an end, and reality came rushing in like the bite of a freezing wind. Covid hit and the already demanding role became entiraly unreasonable. Until finally, the bureaucracy and pressure outweighed the love. This alone didn’t cause me to quit my job. Nay nay!

I Got a Wake Up Call…

“Your kidneys are failing…” I’m 26 years old when I get my death sentence. Then I didn’t know what to do. I was, of course, in a tizzy. I was lost in tests, needle pokes, paper work, and all the things that I wanted to d but now may not ever get the chance to without a donor.

But I was given that second chanche, when three months later a stranger * blessed me with new life and a second chance. And this time I wasn;t going to waste it.

So I Quit My Job!

I quit my job, becuase I wanted to live! I got tired of companies getting richer off my labor, and dictating my schedule. You need to be in bed by this time to get to work by that time. I needed more out of life and I knew I had this amazing talent that I was willing to take a chance on. So as of March 26 of this year I quit my job as a teacher! And it gets wilder. I’m taking my meager retitremnet as seed money to invest into my business. I have been truly blessed with a family and husband that can support me in this exciting new endeavor. Follow me on Instagram @millennialmaker.co to watch me establish and grow MillennialMaker LLC in earnest this 2021!

What did We Learn

While I don’t encourage you to quit your day job. I do encourage you to never quit your Day Dream! Take a chance to today, bet on yourself and your capablitites to succeed in your wants and dreams.

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