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The Different Types Of Crochet

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I F*CKING love crochet! Like Tom Cruise jumping on the couch love for crochet. Not only do I have mad respect for a craft that has greatly transformed my life and mental health. So in turn I want to better understand this craft and its origins no matter how hazy they may be. So travel back in time with me and let’s learn about the different types of crochet.

Old Head Crochet

Technical Name | Crochet

What Da Fuq Is It? 

Traditional crochet is defined in the dictionary as “a handicraft in which yarn is made up into a patterned fabric by looping yarn with a hooked needle.” And that is what is folks; whether she is using a basic single crochet stitch or the star stitch, she will do that stitch repeatedly until fabric is created. 

The Sauce… 

The origins of crochet are pretty muddled as with anything old as sh*t. However, most research points to crochet being born from Chinese needlework called Tambour, an ancient form of embroidery. 

Later Tambour became what we now know as crochet in the 18th century when people began to continue the needlework without the fabric. We perhaps may owe the popularity and spread of Crochet to “Mlle. Riego de la Branchardiere, who was best known for her ability to take an old-style needle and bobbin lace designs and turn them into crochet patterns that could easily be duplicated.”

Knitting I Mean Tunisian Crochet

Technical Name | Tunisian Crochet or Afghan Crochet

What Da Fuq Is It? 

Tunisian crochet has a closer relationship to knitting. You are still using a hook to loop yarn in order to make a patterned fabric; The difference is that you are working with an elongated hook (11” to 14”) with a stopper of some sort at the end of the hook to prevent the stitches from falling off the hook. The construction of the stitches is different from traditional crochet in that you have multiple live stitches accumulated on the hook; unlike crochet when you finish a stitch before you work the next. 

The Sauce…

Aaagain Tunisian crochet is super old and the origins of this handcraft are very vague. Some credit the ORIGINSto because of its name, others credit shepherds and sailors. However, it is more likely that this version of crochet developed from a style of hooked knitting practiced in Central Asia, Africa, Afghanistan, and Tunisia.

Tunisisan Crochet by Another Name

  • Shepherd’s Knitting
  • German Work
  • Idiot’s | Fool’s Stitch
  • Russian Work
  • Crochet Knit
  • Railway Stitch

Filet O’ Crochet

Technical Name | Filet Crochet or Square Crochet


What Da Fuq Is It?

Filet crochet uses the same techniques to complete its pattern and stitches, however, filet’s goal is to mimic lace by creating open squares or mesh. These groups of mesh can be filled in with weave or when crocheting a design can be worked in while simultaneously working the mesh around the design.

The Sauce…

Being that filet crochet is relatively new and so its origins are better tracked. Originally Filet crochet was called square crochet after the little open squares created when crocheting. Patterns for this type of crochet first popped around the 1850s, roughly twenty years after the appearance of the first written patterns.

Free…dom Form Crochet

Technical Name | Free Form Crochet 


What Da Fuq Is It?

Freeform crochet can be a mix of knitting, crochet, and other uber-cool fiber arts to make a project that does not steam from or contained by colors, stitches, and patterns. 

The Sauce…

Origins of this version of crochet can be traced back to the Irish Crochet. Ironically however my research has not pulled up the exact thoughts and innovations of it. But perhaps that is appropriate given that freeform seeks to shake away from the rules. Pioneers of this version of crochet are Jan Messent, Penny O’Niell, James Walters, and many others.

Put Your Hand Into It Crochet

Technical Name | Hand Crochet 


What Da Fuq Is It?

Hand crochet or fingering crochet is really new and seeks to create a garment with the techniques of crochet but completely ditches the tools, instead, they use their hands and fingers to create the loops, stitches, and patterns for the garment or finished project.

The Sauce…

TBD… as of right now I have seen nothing giving credit or tracing the origins of this new version of crochet. I am beginning to wonder when our community will truly learn from our history and give true respect by documenting the history and evolution of our beloved crochet.

Did I Learn You A Thing?

I truly enjoyed writing this post and learning more about this wonderful craft. Please comment below if you learned something new too. You guys know I love to be learned to reach out with a comment if you have more information about the different types of crochet discussed in this post.


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