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Crochet Tools are a Girl’s Best Friend

In honor of national worship tool day; I thought I'd discuss the strangest crochet tools I have used thus far in my crochet journey.

In honor of national craft month and national worship of tools day; I thought I’d discuss the relationship between women and their tools and the strangest crochet tools I have used thus far.

Typically when we think of tools we associate it immediately with men. However every aspect of HUMAN life uses a tool to make the work that we do easier and more efficient. Tools aren’t meant just for men and National Worship Tool Day isn’t either. We all know that cavillation would be no where without the wheel or fire; so lets drop the gender and celebrate this tool together!

As a crochet designer, I really wouldn’t know what to do with out my tools; And for that matter wouldn’t be a crochet designer without a hook. There are the obvious necessary tools that first come to mind like: crochet hooks, tape measure, tapestry needles, and etc. that make all the magic happen. But, there a few other tools that are just as vital to creating, but also not tools that one would associate with crochet.

6 Crochet Tools I never thought I’d Use

-The Scale

The first tool I never thought I would use in my crochet would be a kitchen scale, but it has become so vital to my design process that I don’t know where I would be with out it. My trusty kitchen scale in combination with a good ol’ swatch takes out all the guess work of that age old question of: “How much yarn do I need.” It is truly amazing to be able to figure out all the yarn I need for each size I am wanting to design for before writing out one word of a pattern.

-The Light Box

A picture is worth more than a thousand words; especially right now with distance being necessary for our safety. But deeper than this, when your job is essentially to teach another how to make something and you can’t be physically by their side; a picture is even more vital. A lightbox provides consistent lighting to get the perfect picture. This can explain instructions in a pattern better than your words can ever do.

-The Yarn Bag

There are a multitude of other tools out there that will help with keeping yarn and on the go projects clean and dust free. However, Black Betty, my yarn bag can not be compared with that of a yarn bowl. In addition to keeping my yarn clean, it keeps my projects and yarn organized. Black Betty also has three pull through slots so you can work on more than one project. Black Betty also has numerous pockets and a place to house all my hooks! This bit of storage gives me a fighting chance at not loosing my hooks; hee hee.

-The Compression Gloves

Let’s face it, crochet can be harsh on your hands. And maintaining the longevity of your hands strength is of the highest importance. In addition to an ergonomic hook, and stretching before a session. My favorite crochet tool for keeping my hands strong and healthy are compression gloves. They provide my hands stability while working and increase blood flow so I can last longer and longer…

-The Excel Sheets

A big part of crochet and crochet design is MATH! And no tool is better at math than an excel sheet. Without the magic of an excel sheet to accurately and quickly convert how many stitches and rows I need for a pattern. Grading a pattern by hand would take hours, but those hours turn into minutes with the use of this nifty crochet tool.

-The Row Counter

Okay so a row counter isn’t that unusual of a tool to be associated with crochet. So this one is just one of my favorites. Before this tiny little thing frustration was often a close friend in my crochet sessions. Loosing count of how many rows I had done, or stiches had me going bonkers, not to mention slowed me down. Now my speed on a project has nearly doubled. And the cherry on top with using this crochet tool is that they come in different colors and that means you can color code these babies for different projects and uses!

So you made it to the end of this post! Thank you for reading about how these unconventional crochet tools help me out on the day to day. Remember that caring is sharing! Sooo please share this post and help me grow.

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