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Crochet slang went right over my head when I first started learning to crochet. The only slang I could hash out was WIP (work in progress) and that’s only because this term was used in the creative writing world, and it was also pretty obvious. But there are some parts of the crochet slang that is not so easy to understand unless you’ve been running in the game for a bit. And those are the ones we’ll discuss today.

You Said What Now?!?



Frogging is that moment when you realize that you’ve messed up horribly a few rows back and now you’ve got to undo hours of work and your world has completely ended.


No, this crochet slang word does not refer to an unidentified flying object. But rather refers to an unfinished object. Calling all my ADHD crocheters starting multiple projects at a time.


While crocheting does help with memory, Ph.D. stands for Project Half Done. Hopefully, you’re not like me and don’t give up on these projects. *Sigh* They were so young.


Next, PIGS is crochet slang for Projects In Grocery Sacks. I am a big proponent of carrying my projects in grocery sacks. One because I’ve got to reuse those plastic bags (#lovetheplanet). Two because I’m a millennial in college and can’t afford one of those cute yarn traveling bags.


TOAD maybe my favorite crochet slang word as it stands for Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust. Besides the fact that I have had many toads throughout my ten years of crocheting, I just find this so hilarious.



Patterns Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy. As a crocheter, we tend to hoard yarn, crochet hooks, and also patterns. Unfortunately, all of these things are like shiny objects, and when you see something shiny you’ve got to have them you know.



A Take-Along Crochet is that thing I do to keep me occupied at my husband’s D&D games or to keep me sane and control my stress when teaching my 340 elementary school kids.


Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy, I have yet to meet a crocheter who hasn’t stashed away yarn like a squirrel harvesting nuts for the winter. 


Alright ladies and fellas that is the end of for this post and some of my favorite crochet slang terms. What are some of your favorite crochet terms leave a comment below and learn me some new slang!

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